BSAT Clothing is our hip Hop Clothing brand with roots in the hip hop culture. The brand has three unique lines: La Onda, Straight Outta Compton and Bronx. We design the most outstanding unique styles in our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Further you will find awesome collab collection we make together with highly skilled tattoo artists.

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Cali Skull Grey Baggy by BSAT

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The line La Onda has deep roots in the Chicano culture and favorite symbols are Chicas, Skulls and Weapons. Fashion Sweatpants, Zip Hoodies, T-shirts, Shorts and Shoes with edgy big skull designs are clear winners in popularity. Hoodies and tees with sexy seductive chicas are work of art that covers front or the back of the clothes. The line Straight outta Compton acknowledges the rap music and gangsta rap and pays tribute to the legends of the genre such as Eazy E and Tupac. Rap music and the legends pay tribute with style and with unique hand drawn designs. The line consists of attractive Sweat Pants, Zip Hoodies, T- Shirts, Shoes and baggy Jeans with print. The Bronx line is inspired by the Bronx culture in New York City. The line differentiates itself with the piece of artwork with gold print, strong symbols and statements. Common for all the three lines are the hand drawn designs that are eye-catching, special and addictive. BSAT is simply something for you! It is Fashion Underground StreetWear or shall we just call it SUPER SWAG HIPHOP CLOTHES.

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