Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a London based Hip Hop Clothing Brand. The style is baggy and eye-catching. The brand's baggy jeans and shoes are made in a unique and playful design. It is youthful, wild and stylish all the way. The uniqueness and wildness is in the very cut and draping. The pants are often decorated with known symbols, for example the peace sign in cool colors. The colors of Rasta are the most prevalent. The American artist Sean John Combs who at one point established the group “Diddy - Dirty Money”, probably inspires the brand name. Their first album "Last Train to Paris" was released in December 2010. The Clothing brand Dirty Money succeeded in numerous designs to tell positive stories and to signal their standpoint. Thus states Dirty Money on one of their numerous Jeans Designs: "I AM HIP HOP".
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