is Europes coolest rebel fashion store. started back in 2008 in a basement in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our name reflects who we are as a business and people. We have our roots in the hip hop culture, and in the business we have always seen ourselves as a crew of people who stand together to go against the flow (both against our competitors and many of the big brands).

We have over time been accused of being rude with our low prices, we have been threatened by competitors and suppliers due to our sales prices and unwillingness to make price agreements. At the same time, our customers are something very special.

They also go against the flow, go wildly dressed, and create their own expression. RudeCru rebels are wild and vigilant. A RudeCru rebel dares more than most .. Some will call them explicitly rude... So to sum up, our people and our culture are the Rude Crew - written in a different way .. the Rude Cru… That's why our name became

We look forward to being your extended family with rude low prices, cool unique brands and designs, all while the competitors and mainstream stand and bitch in the corner..

In our quest to always have the coolest gear and the wildest designs, we decided we could not settle for the mainstream brands .. The mainstream brands make far too boring designs because they want to make something that can be sold to everyone .. and honestly .. its too got damn boring for us .. That's why we started RudeCru Rebel Fashion DesignLab - and today we are designers and manufacturers of several cool brands that set wild standards within each of their particular genres.

We make designs in our own design team, as well as in collaboration with talented artists and tattoo artists, and in this way we create completely unique designs for you.

We love to create the coolest designs, to get feedback from our Trusted VIP Members, who provide input to our designs and products, and  strive to improve ourselves all the time.

Here are some of the other rebels that are part of RudeCru:

Kim Kold, actor, personal trainer and coach.

Rasmus Tattoo, tattoo artist and artist

Dimon Taturin, tattoo artist and artist

Thomas Blach, RudeCru customer and a true fighter rebel

Philip DJ, RudeCru customer and a true fighter rebel

Karsten Nielsen, RudeCru customer and a wild Viking rebel

Pia Sonnerup, RudeCru customer and a wild Rebel Babe

Henna Tuulikki. RudeCru customer and a wild Rebel Babe

With best regards, Michael David - Founder

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