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Rudecru was originally opened under the name GroundStyle.com in 2004. In 2008 the company changed its name to shakk.co.uk and re-launched as an online store based out of Scandinavia, and we are currently active in Sweden (since 2010), Finland (since 2011), in the UK (since 2012) and in Norway (since 2013). In 2014 we relaunched with the name RudeCru.com, and the store opened for our international customers around the world.

Since 2008 RudeCru.com has become known as one of the best streetwear and hiphop online retailers on the market. We have customer service as a top priority as it is very important for us that our customers have a great shopping experience. We believe that good customer service and honesty is a must when you are in the online industry.

Why we changed our name from Shakk to RudeCru.com.

After celebrating our 6 years birthday with the shakk name, we have decided to change our name to RudeCru.com. Our new name reflects who we are as a business and as people.

Our roots are in the hiphop culture and community, and in our business, we have allways seen our selves as a crew of people standing together and going against the flow (thats both competitors and many of the bigger clothing brands).

Through time and our early beginning we have been accused of being rude, because of our extremely low prices. We have been threatened by competitors and suppliers because of our sales prices, and our total disregard not wanting to make price agreements with them.

So just to sum up - we are The Rude Crew - written in a different way.. The Rude Cru.. and thats why our name is now RudeCru.com. We are excited to become your favorite online shop, with rude low prices, cool unique brands and designs, all at the same time while the competitors are bitching in the corner.

See you around :)

While browsing our webshop you will find many different categories and brands. Most of our brands are European brand but we also have some American brands. Our purchasers’ travel yearly to the US to meet with the teams behind the brands we sell and this is why we have a great relationship with the brands. This is favorable for our customers and us as we are allowed to determine the selling price for our market, which means we can sell the brands at affordable prices without being dictated the price from above.

You are ensured a great price on all our items in our store, and by joining our maillist, you will become part of our exclusive VIP members club, where you are offered special deals, news, special events and other great stuff, that we are sure you will love. 

You are our blood - without satisfied customers, we can not exists. So we promise to treat you with respect and do our best to make your shopping experience as pleasent as possible.

If you find any issues in the store, have any concerns, or feel we need to do something different - please give us a shout to our support email - you can allways find it in the butom of the website. You will also often find us online avilable for a chat. Talk to you soon!

Our Team

Like any other company we need to have a team that keeps the companys wheels turning. Our head office is in Copenhagen, Denmark where we have our team of warriors who are ready to help you with any problem. Our team consists of fashion experts, marketing gurus, customer service sweethearts and of course an IT geek.

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