Streetwear, in the general sense of the word, is a style of fashion that leans more towards the casual side of things, and became popularized in the 1990s. It rose from the urban life of the streets particularly in metropolitan cities. And Its purpose lies in comfort and aesthetics of premium designed hoodies, sneakers, big labeled tees and pants.

The inspiration is mostly juiced from cultures pertaining to skater and hip-hop and incorporates details of demanding scarcity.

And especially considering a crazed demand for a revolutionary overthrow in music industries, streetwear is slowly beginning to enter the world of mainstream success, where people of all ages are positively embracing their uniqueness by expressing themselves through rigorous artistic talent and empowerment.

In this article, you will learn the brief history of streetwear, trends that make the style in itself explicitly versatile, along with the differentiation between garment preferences on the basis of gender.

The Origin Of Streetwear

The birth of streetwear took place on the streets of the Bronx, Harlem and Queens, all thanks to the artistic and cultural influence of Hip-hop, a movement pioneered by the black community in the United States.

The era of hip-hop consisted of an independent voice free of stereotypical bias and conservatism. During this time, music producers and rappers partook in the act of experimentation and breathed life into art and its various forms. This furthered opportunities for aspirants who then took onto forging iconic trends and layed out platforms that ultimately influenced clothing designs.

Today, streetwear is recognized as one of the most popular styles that evolved from what was often seen as ragged and junky to making stark appearances in high-end fashion.

Types of Streetwear

Ranging from casual to the most wild and loud, streetwear delivers its followers with a dedicated set of options that accentuate their style and give them flexibility in manipulating their creations.

And because it varies from country to country, streetwear is cleverly broken down into various types with defining characteristics. And if you're confused about what trend to follow, perhaps checking this segment out would be in your best interest.


1. Rebel Fashion

This is probably the most influential and popular style of streetwear to date. Rappers like A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Bexey Swan, Kanye West and Night Lovell promote and embody this style with a tinge of sparkling dominance.

Rebel Fashion embodies a mix of modern fashion all while throwing hints of classic streetwear such as sneakers, printed tees and graphic hoodies. Its often eye-catchy and loud designs.

A popular brand in the Rebel Fashion niche is BSAT

2. Techwear

Techwear — as the name suggests, is an ultra futuristic style that recently rose to prominence thanks to inspirations taken from sci-fi and dystopian entertainment, including outdoor wear and sportswear.

It incorporates both fashion and functionality, with cargo pants and military vests carefully styled with premium luxe fabrics. The color palette sternly focuses more on darker tones instead of white.

3. The Skater style

The skater style was popularized by modern day skaters around the world, making its first appearance in California. The proponents of the skater style were surfers who were actively bored and didn’t have any waves to ride on.

The style eventually gained nationwide attention and embodies a rather easygoing aesthetic with heavy focus on baseball caps, giant tees with graphic printing, floral printed wide leg shorts, beanies, flannels and sneakers.

Popular Streetwear Fashion

When it comes to popularity, streetwear becomes a distinctive style of fashion that sets itself apart from conventional dressing based on garment preferences.

By playing with proportions, one can get a glimpse of how far they can experiment and express themselves based on appearance alone. Here’s a list of trendy streetwear fashion that can and will get you in the groove of things in a jiffy!

1. It’s Always Baggy

Perhaps the most popular trend to date.

It never went out of style to begin with. You can serve some hot, fresh looks by sporting a giant hoodie paired with tapered, regular og baggy jeans, a reverse beanie and retro converse. Perfect for that ragged, edgy look. Gender isn’t a preference here. Literally, anybody can pull this trend off!

Popular baggies right now:

2. Hip-Hop Streetwear

It can be said with great confidence that hip-hop streetwear has witnessed a ‘rewilding’ take on the fashion industry, forcing giant top-of-the-line brands like Balenciaga and Off-White to take designing to the next level, and that too, with full force.

You can’t ever go wrong with baggy jeans and round necked tees. Oversized polo shirts are as equally demanded coupled with dark glasses and long chains.

Inspirations like Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent are among some of the famous artists to represent Hip-hop culture in its raw, unchallenged glory.

Keep It Cozy!

The comfort of streetwear can never be denied, especially with accessories like bucket hats and caps are present!

This trend can teleport you from a nice warm sofa to the streets with just the snap of one's finger.

You can lean into the style by incorporating soft, yet comfortable fabrics like fleece, Sherpa and shearling. Complete your snazzy look with a nice and striking pair of sneakers and a 90's cross-body bag and you're all set for the season!

also dont forget - many of the streetwear fits, just offer more comfort.


Streetwear's intended purpose is to encourage passionate individuals to embrace their true self and let their talents run wild.

You may possibly find yourself ahead of the curve if you happen to abandon conventional style and experiment with your preferred piece of clothing and/or accessory.

Whether you're a crazed enthusiast or a straight up casual, it's important to learn and familiarize yourself with certain trends and cultures in order to become part of a particular community, especially in the case of street fashion. The first step however is to embrace the lovely collections of streetwear, it will become a lifestyle for sure. Once you try streetwear, there is no going back.

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