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FAT313 is created by French born Julien Soone who also is the creator of the streetwear brands BullrotWear and SOONE. FAT313 is not just a brand; it’s a tribute to an old friend. After many years of success with BullrotWear, the main inspiration of the streetwear brand passes away. His name was Fat and was the Rottweiler dog of the designer, Julien Soone. At this point, the part of Soone that used to drive his enthusiasm for BullrotWear dies together with Fat. Soone then decides to create a new and more grown-up brand, which fits even more with his own ideas. This results in the brand SOONE. It has now evolved into a popular streetfashion brand that is in constant development. Nonetheless, the spirit of an old friend from the past keeps haunting Soone and at the same time he realizes that he has been neglecting his younger and wilder customers of the street. This can only mean one thing: Fat is back! The urge to go back to the starting point of his inspiration results in another brand. He names it FAT313 after his dog and the two graffiti districts of his French roots, Toulouse and Marseille. FAT313 is an urban, authentic streetwear brand that breathes street life into each and every piece of clothes. What you can expect from FAT313 is a brand that always assures quality products and original designs. The collections appeal to vibrant young men and reflect the roughness of a dog spirit.

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